Coincident Ideas original web site

Coincident web site, circa 2010. Snore.

After using WordPress templates for over four years for our clients with great success, we felt it was time to refresh our identity, take advantage of new technology and push our WordPress skills further by doing a redesign of the Coincident Ideas web site. First created in 2009 using HTML, the original CI site utilized a number of cutting edge technologies, such as JQuery, Spry and others, that are now standard features in modern web design. Ours was clean, minimalist, attractive and reflected our design sensibilities well. But in 2015, we knew we could do better.

We have also been using a popular new WordPress development framework, Divi by Elegant Themes, for our client projects, and saw how the theme had huge potential for fun and engaging communications between users and site owners. In the fall, we commenced a three-month redesign, with all the tasks that we would typically bring to a customer’s project: discovery, comparative analysis, wireframing, copywriting and image creation, content acquisition and management, production and testing. After coding, writing, and critiquing internally, we launched in the last days of 2015 to many positive reviews.

As always, a web site is a work in progress, and we will continue to add to, refine and polish the CI site until the next great new thing comes along, when we can learn from and take advantage of what the future brings. Thank you to all our partners, associates and clients for helping us launch the new Coincident Ideas web site!


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