Why Maintenance?

It’s as important to maintain your web site and server as it is to promote it. If you do not have a maintenance agreement for your web and mail services, you should consider the benefits.

Keeps your server up-to-date


Fast response and low cost

The internet is constantly evolving, and so are threats against it. For this reason, host servers require regular maintenance in order to be protected and take advantage of software updates. File servers can have up to a dozen patches and updates every month, and without a paid plan, clients are responsible for these updates themselves.

Likewise, if you have a web site operating on a platform like WordPress, that infrastructure, your themes and plugins are also updated multiple times every year to improve reliability, include new features and maintain protection from external threats

like malware and hacks.

If you do not update the content on your web site often, you’ll be penalized by search engines like Google. The solution is to create and post new content often, so your site appears fresh. These are tasks that a maintenance contract can help you with.

Finally, you will have the comfort of knowing that we are on call in any emergency, 24/7. If your site goes down, or you damage something and can’t recover it, or you do get hacked, you can reach a live human being to fix the problem.

When you have changes to your site and you have a maintenance plan, you’re first in line for assistance. if you sometimes change content, add staff or update event listings, maintenance saves you the time spent making changes yourself. We typically make minor revisions to your site the same day.

We can also create and add new content for you, such as copyediting for your blog, art direction for graphics, and cross-posting to social media, as part of your plan. Plus, we make weekly checks on the hosting server’s health

and security, making upgrades as needed to keep you current.

And if you need to make administrative changes such as adding a new email account or changing user passwords, that is included as well. And maintenance plans are less expensive than on-demand production work—at least 25% lower than our normal hourly fees.

Our normal design and production rate is $125/hour, but we offer several packages that combine multiple hours of guaranteed service at reduced cost. Each plan requires a three-month minimum commitment, after which you are free to cancel at any time.

Maintenance plans include basic server upkeep with with updates to OS, software and patches, security and offsite backups, subscriptions to hacking and malware prevention services, theme and plugin updates, and a guaranteed number of hours for content editing and revisions. Any unused balance may be applied as you wish; new web pages, copywriting and art direction, design services, consultations or marketing advice; if we provide the service, you may elect to use it. Maintenance hour(s) must be used during your month of service, otherwise, they will be lost.

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The one-hour maintenance plan is $100/month, an affordable base plan for those with small sites and fewer update requirements.

The two-hour maintenance plan is $200/month, a 25% reduction from our normal rate.

The four-hour maintenance plan is $350/month, 30% lower than our ad hoc hourly rate.


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