About Eric Oxenberg

Strategist and Chief Creative Officer

As a marketing consultant, Eric Oxenberg develops design briefs, hones business messages and brainstorms with creatives in major agencies as well as senior management of corporations and smaller firms. He specializes in clean, simple and elegant advertising that connects businesses and their customers.

Eric Oxenberg, Strategist

Eric is a senior-level creative director and strategist with over 20 years of print and online experience. His background extends to national branded and direct-marketing advertising, art direction and graphic design, web design and development and team-based production from concepting to project management and vendor relations. He has been client-facing and team lead with hiring authority, working as an outside contractor and in-house for a number of agencies and studios including Ogilvy & Mather, Rubin Postaer DirectTeam One Advertising and others. Client work has included Microsoft, Playboy, JD Power & Associates, PBS, TicketmasterHonda, Toyota, and Lexus.

Eric Oxenberg Jazzfest sample

He has also designed, coded and produced Filemaker Pro® database solutions for property management, video asset and rights management, print editorial and advertising workflows, property inventory and office, billing and project management.

Eric is an excellent communicator, facilitator and creative thinker who loves contributing ideas and skills to accomplish shared goals. He is a user-focused interface specialist who can understand workflow issues and the needs of both clients and management.

Eric has a great talent for translating an idea or feeling that my clients want to convey into stimulating, creative and, eye-catching images, color and style. —Moira LaMountain

Eric has extensive job-related experience with the following platforms and design applications: Apple (MacOS), Windows, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Illustrator, QuarkXpress, FileMaker Pro and MS Office, and is well-versed in image compression and optimization, video conversions, audio editing and file transfers. Eric owns and can maintain current-model and earlier Mac and PC systems. He operates and administers a Unix web server, hosting multiple client sites via CentOS and Plesk.*

His background also includes commercial photography, copywriting, sound design, network management and I.T., technical support and training and content management. Eric lives in West Los Angeles, California and plays FPS video games when he’s not working, and occasionally when he is.

Contact Eric about strategy, marketing, email campaigns or website development. No cost, no obligation.

*Apple, Mac, Adobe, FileMaker, Microsoft, QuarkXpress, CentOS and Plesk trade names are the protected marks of their respective owners.
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