Support company TechnoEntomology founder David Erickson asked Coincident Ideas to rebrand their online presence with a completely redesigned modern website, The business’s old site was a self-created WordPress build that was basic, aging and didn’t have a strong call to action. We created a custom site using a Divi, a modern WordPress framework, with copywriting that mirrored the humorous and talented personality of its owner, all-new imagery and interactive features that brought the business site completely up to date.

Your website design is so great, it forces me to up my game to be worthy of it. —David Erickson, TechnoEntomology

While in process of redesign and development, we consulted with David on how to attract new clients in their community and build an online presence, including email campaigns and social media outreach via review sites and affiliate links. Not only is the client extremely pleased, he has received enormously positive feedback from his customers and associates.

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