When it became time to post a major update to the image library of RLB Architecture’s web site, principal Richard Blumenberg asked us to edit and retouch over 100 high-resolution photographs of client properties and revise the company site to load them into the site’s viewer software.

We took four DVDs full of images by the firm’s photographer and set up a Dropbox account for the architect, then copied all of the originals into a new folder there. We then made two versions of each original, one at a small size for the web site viewer and a second, larger image for use on houzz.com, a resource web site for homeowners seeking construction and home improvement professionals.

Each image was resized, cropped, tint- and contrast-adjusted, and watermarked with the company name for web use. We then adjusted the programming for the loader page to accept and display the additional images into the right categories and sections.

The process took less than two weeks and was reasonable in cost. Mr. Blumenberg was very pleased with the results.

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