About Ken Kohn

Programming & Technical Lead

Ken is responsible for working with developers, programmers, server administrators and hardware vendors.

Ken Kohn, Tech Lead

Ken is a 20+-year computer industry veteran with in-depth knowledge of small enterprise and systems management. He has extensive experience delivering computer and Internet support, developing custom applications, and providing VAR (value-added reseller) services for Apple Computer, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and others.

Ken was a founding partner in NetProductions Online, one of the first California firms dedicated to providing quality business internet solutions. He is also former Vice President of Operations at Chaparral Software and Consulting Services, a computer reseller and consulting firm. Ken is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

“Our new server migration by Ken’s skilled engineers proved to be a smooth transition. The engineers were attentive to all our needs and exceeded our expectations.” —Nancy Rench

He is President and CEO of a secondary company, I-3 Services, managing web hosting, email services, backup and spam solutions and other cloud-based SAAS offerings.

Ken’s background also includes database programming and development, technical support and project management. Ken lives in Encino, California, and in his spare time can be found 35 feet under the calm blue waters surrounding Maui, Hawaii.

Contact Ken about server management, website development, spam prevention or server protection. No cost, no obligation.

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